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The department offers comprehensive Urologic Surgeries by a Senior Urologist as a pioneer in the field of Urology and Andrology with the availability of all latest types of equipment needed for advanced care of kidney, Stone Disease, Prostate surgery, Paediatric Urology, Female Urology & Male infertility, and all the Urologic problems. The Department is well equipped with Urodynamics, Lithotripsy (ESWL), C-Arm, Lithoblast, etc. with Endourological & Laparoscopic instruments.


The Urology department at Dr. Mohit Goel Clinic provides facilities for a wide range of basic and specialized urological investigations and treatments with world-class expertise in all aspects of urological care. Our department is one of the few national centers which offers highly specialized tests such as video urodynamics and template prostate biopsy.

Mohit Goel


We are committed to deliver quality healthcare and maximize our patients satisfaction.



To provide compassionate patient care by our dedicated medical and support staff for satisfying service delivery.



We aspire to Provide quality Hitech health care services to all sections of society at an affordable cost.

The Department has facilities for the following :

1. Endourology(TURP/PCNL/URS/Diode Laser/ Enucleation of Prostate/TURBT

2. Laparoscopic urological surgeries.

3. Urodynamics.

4. Paediatric ,Onco & Reconstructive Urology.

5. ESWL(Lithotripsy).

6. Urine incontinence for Male/Female.


1. Andrology


-Medical treatments and Psychosexual Counselling.

-Penile Prosthetic Surgery.

-Penile Straightening Surgery.

-Microscopic Surgery for Infertility.



2. Female Urology


-Treatment of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections.

-Minimally Invasive Surgery for Stress Incontinence (Synthetic Slings).

3. Neuro-Urology


-Evaluation with Video Urodynamics (One of the Few Centres in South India).

-Intravesical Botulinum Toxin Injections under Local Anaesthesia (Only Centre in India).

-Artificial Urinary Sphincter Insertion.



4. Reconstructive Urology


-Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty.

-Buccal Mucosa Urethroplasty for Urethral Strictures.

-Neobladder Reconstruction and Bladder Augmentation.