Four Major Changes You Need to Bring in Your Life to Stay Healthy

A Healthy life leads to a happy life and there is certainly no doubt about this fact. Still there are lots of us who stays deprived of a healthy diet and routine to bring everything like that on the table. Mohit goel, who comes as one of the most sought after doctor in the country, has also emphasized on the need of a strong and healthy dietary regimen for everyone around. This is where he has come up few of the major changes that we must bring in our routine to live a healthy and better life.

Healthy diet

One of the major changes, as per Mohit goel, must be there in your dietary regimen in order to feed your body with all the required fuel for its healthy functioning. This is where fresh fruits and vegetables must be there in the diet along with proteins, carbs, vitamins and fibers alongside. Once your body will be fed with the right nutrition, everything else will fall into place for your health alongside.

Another aspect which you need to take care off in the dietary part is avoiding the junk and extra calorific foods like Pizza, burger, doughnuts or Chinese. All these food items carry all the unhealthy stuff alongside and must be avoided in any situations whatsoever.

Mohit Goel


You can’t simply go by a healthy routine without going with some exercises in your schedule. Exercising brings on some tough workout to your body whilst increasing the blood circulation. Once you will feed your body with the right nutrition after a nice workout, you will see some tremendous results on board. Try not to go with heavy exercising schedule and only think about choosing some light exercising as per your weight and age.


We all know that our body is made up of 70% water and this is where we have to drink at least 3 liters of water daily to let the body mechanism functions better. Consuming adequate water on a daily basis keeps our skin tissues and organs healthy and it also keep the body hydrated for long hours. When we talk about water, it doesn’t include beverages like tea or coffee and sugary drinks.


You won’t be getting all the benefits of good diet, exercise or healthy schedule until you take enough sleep in the day. This is where most of the health experts recommend a sound sleep of at least 6- 8 hours in a given day.